Georg Redžek’s paintings are characterized by allegory, reference to the works of Bosch, Brueghel and Dürer, as well as by self-awareness about the problems of the new-millennial digital age. Seemingly incompatible, these three characteristics meet in Redžek’s works thanks to his combination of classical motifs and representative signs of the modern, contemporary age. In the latest series of works created during 2020 and 2021, the classical motifs are a labyrinth, a white rabbit (as a symbol of resurrection, reincarnation and revitalization), Last Supper and pigs in front of which “pearls had been thrown”. Redžek sets these classical motifs in compositions with representatives of modern and contemporary times, such as displays, bar codes, cables, the Coca-Cola logo, in order to re-examine and display the time in which we live.

Georg Redzek has been creating his pictorial world disregarding fashionable manifestations of contemporary art practices. This author refers his ideas of poisonous and perverted vision of man of today, constantly reinterpreting and continuing the last ciclus complemented with art works of recognizable coloristic and factural value.

Georg Redzek' s painting, expressive and eruptive,is one of the current painting streams which reflect the current situation and events in the world. It arises from an impulse of the time we live in, from psychotic, moods and depressions caused by the deep critical moment of our existence. However, this painting is by no means a simple linear continuation of such tendencies. It is initiated by the sense of crisis but has likewise overcome that crisis by its creative incarnation, its contents and pictorial energy. Briefly-Georg Redzek has converted the the powerful experience of our world into an expressive, suggestive and exciting expression through authentic painting.

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