Date and place of birth: November, 1. 1965; Kragujevac, Serbia. Elementary and high school: In Novi Sad, with excellent results; Many awards at fine art competitions. Academy: Enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts of Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina, In 1985/86 academic year as the first on the entrance examination list. Graduated in the class of Professor Jovan Rakidzic of the Generetion with result 10 hereby received the title of an ACADEMIC PAINTER - FINE ARTS TEACHER.


  • group and solo exhibitions.

Awards - group exhibitions:

  • two awards in 1995: the third award in the Second Biennial of Water Color Paintings YU 95 in Zrenjanin.
  • awards in painting at the 30th Salon of Novi Sad in 2001.
  • First award in Saatchi online contest, Showdown: Big Cities, bright lights. 2013. London

Awards - solo exhibitions

  • 1993 in Novi Sad, the Gallery of SULUV ( Association of Fine Arts of Vojvodina) - paintings;
  • 1994 in Zemun, the Art Gallery of Stara Kapetanija - paintings;
  • 1995 in Belgrade, the Gallery of Kolarcev National University- paintings;
  • 1996 in Novi Sad, The Hall of the Academy of Arts, Master’s Exhibition’
  • 1997 Marko Jozef Atila Museum, Hungary – drawings;
  • 1999 in Novi Sad, the Gallery of Novi Sad Open University – paintings;
  • 2000 in Sombor, the Gallery of Cultural Centre of "Laza Kostic" – paintings;
  • 2003 in Novi Sad the Salon of Fine Arts of the Tribina Mladih (The Platform of the Young) - paintings;
  • 2005 in Novi Sad, the Gallery "Podrum" - paintings;
  • 2008 in Novi Sad, the Gallery "Golden Eye" Zlatno Oko - paintings;
  • 2009 in Petrovac, Montenegro, the Gallery "Marko Gregovic – paintings;
  • 2013 in Novi Sad, the Gallery of SULUV - paintings;
  • 2015 in Novi Sad, the Gallery of Cultural Centre – paintings;
  • 2015 in Kragujevac, Gradska galerija Mostovi Balkana – paintings;
  • 2018 in Novi Sad, Galerija Isidora – paintings;
  • 2020 in Smederevska Palanka, Galerija savremene umetnosti – paintings;
  • 2020 in Novi Sad, Galerija Kulturnog centra Vojvodine "Miloš Crnjanski" – paintings.

Postgraduate studies

February, 23. 1993 enrolled in the postgraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Novi Sad with Prof Jovan Rakidzic. Master’s Degree on April, 11, 1996 as the first candidate at the Department of Fine Arts of the Academy.

Languages: Serbian, Hungarian, reading knowledge of German.

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